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Introducing the GPPSS Financial Transparency Series

As taxpayers in the Grosse Pointe Public School System contemplate the continuation of millages that account for 25% of the district’s revenue, the recently published District Financial Transparency Series can be a tremendous source of information.

Five years ago our oldest daughter was about to start 2nd grade at Defer.  As I am now, I could not have been happier with the care and education she was receiving.  When the Defer PTO needed someone to attend a Board meeting, the topic of which was to promote the original adoption of the Sinking Fund millage, I willingly attended– eager to do what I could to help a district I was coming to really appreciate.  If I only knew the ride I was in for starting that night.  Continue reading


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Action on 5th Grade Class Size

I am co-sponsoring a resolution to address the issue of the larger 5th grade class sizes at Maire, Monteith, and Trombly.  A meeting will take place this week. [UPDATED: Resolution passed 6-1]

After an arduous 2009-10 budget development process, with some pain and discomfort felt by many, we reached a reasonable conclusion despite difficult circumstances.  (Refer to the Financial Transparency Series for more detail.)

One exception was the 5th grade class sizes at Maire, Monteith, and Trombly elementary schools.  Despite an average elementary class size across the district of 22.5 students, these schools are projected to have 5th grade sections in the 29-30 range.  Continue reading

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