Action on 5th Grade Class Size

I am co-sponsoring a resolution to address the issue of the larger 5th grade class sizes at Maire, Monteith, and Trombly.  A meeting will take place this week. [UPDATED: Resolution passed 6-1]

After an arduous 2009-10 budget development process, with some pain and discomfort felt by many, we reached a reasonable conclusion despite difficult circumstances.  (Refer to the Financial Transparency Series for more detail.)

One exception was the 5th grade class sizes at Maire, Monteith, and Trombly elementary schools.  Despite an average elementary class size across the district of 22.5 students, these schools are projected to have 5th grade sections in the 29-30 range. 

We are a week away from the beginning of school.  In a future post I will detail how very difficult it is to make budget decisions before the end of June (in accordance with state law), but have so many variables still at play up until the start of school.

Given a change in some of these variables, and after careful consideration, I have decided to call a Special Meeting where I will sponsor the motion below to address the 5th grade class sizes at Maire, Monteith, and Trombly.

Board of Education Bylaws allow a Special Meeting to be held when called for by two trustees.  I have received support from Trustee Joan Dindoffer for this action.  Tentatively the meeting will take place on Thursday morning (Sep. 3rd) at 8am at 389 St. Clair.  I anticipate this would be the only item on the agenda.

I am optimistic this motion will receive support from the Board.  I take many lessons away from the planning process this year and know we will improve on it for next year, which I will also share in a future post.  I appreciate the patience of the community as we wrestle with these difficult financial issues.


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