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Granholm, Detroit News Want to Make a Hard Job Even More Difficult

The $165 per pupil cut is now state law. Granholm drops unexpected hammer on GP Schools with elimination of 20J funds.  Detroit News takes poorly researched position on Sinking Fund ballot question.

Amidst all the drama surrounding the various state budget bills, the House and Senate approved a School Aid Act bill  that cut funding by $165 per pupil.  The Grosse Pointe Public School System has roughly 8,400 students so this cut amounts to a loss of roughly $1,400,000 in annual revenue.  (See previous post for details on Michigan budgets and school funding.)

granholm Last night Governor Granholm signed this bill into law.  Many districts were clamoring for Granholm to take action so the state aid payments to public schools would not be delayed any longer.  Well, the good news is she signed it.  The bad news, for Grosse Pointe Schools and about 40 other districts like us, is that Granholm exercised her right of a line item veto on Section 20J fundsContinue reading


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