I currently serve on the Board of Education for the Grosse Pointe Public School System, a district located in Southeastern Michigan that services all of the Grosse Pointe’s (Park, City, Farms, Woods, and Shores) and parts of the City of Harper Woods.  I am a lifelong resident of Grosse Pointe Park and graduated from Grosse Pointe South High School (’86).  My wife, Sarah, and I have three children, all of whom attend Grosse Pointe Public Schools at the elementary and middle school levels.

Serving on the Board of Education is a volunteer position.  I was appointed to the Board in August, 2005 and elected to a four year term in May, 2006.  I was elected by my peers on the Board as President in July, 2006 and served in that position for two and a half years. In 2009 I served as Vice President.  In January, 2010 I was elected Treasurer.

Aside from serving on the Board of Education, another great passion in my life is running.  I am an avid runner and marathoner, having competed in several marathons including the last two Boston Marathons. My PR for the marathon is 3:18. I am currently training to run in Boston again on April 19, 2010.

I graduated from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor from the College of Literature, Science and Arts with a B.A. in English.  I also received a secondary school teaching certificate in English and Latin.  I taught in the Detroit Public School System at Cass Technical and Southeastern High Schools.  I also taught at Trenton High School, where I taught freshmen English classes, a class on Shakespearean Literature, and a course in Greek Mythology.  I subsequently made a career switch to the technology sector and have remained in that field ever since.  I specialize in technology sales and consulting serving.

My service to the Grosse Pointe Public School System has provided me the unique opportunity to revisit my passion for education and I have greatly enjoyed the experience, albeit through some troubling times for public schools in Michigan.  I have taken pride in my contributions, leveraging my background and skills in education, business, and technology to add value to the Board and the community.

That is always my goal – to add value. One of my guiding principles of Board service, and most other endeavors, is to strive to add as much value as possible.  Anyone can observe, few are prepared to act and lead. Anyone can criticize and simply identify problems.  Solving problems is the more valuable skill.  This requires analysis, action, advocacy, and leadership.  This is what I  strive to bring to the Board and what I hope to accomplish via this blog.

I welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy what this site has to offer.  I encourage you to bookmark it, or “follow me” on Twitter (www.twitter.com/brendan_p_walsh) and I will tweet when I post new content.  Otherwise, please feel free to contact me directly at brendan_p_walsh@yahoo.com and I will look forward to our correspondence.